That’s Deductible?

Do you want to see Kim Kardashian’s secret tax returns?

We might like to also, but this article is about hidden deductions!  There are a number of tax write-offs for unusual situations that might shock you! medical expenses.  You might think of surgery to combat obesity as cosmetic and not deductible. However, the IRS ruled obesity as a medical disease, making all kinds of treatments and remedies tax deductible. Deep vein thrombosis? You can write off flying in first class for needed extra leg room; or perhaps a condition in which a swimming regime helps alleviate, you can take a deduction for swimming pool maintenance and repairs.  On another health note, if you are addressing addictions you can write-off your mileage for driving to AA or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, as well as any aids, patches or programs to help you quit smoking.

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How about that trip you took to Europe? If you are traveling for business, such as doing research and gathering information to write a book, if it publishes, you can deduct those travel expenses. Other various types of trips can also be claimed if they support your career in some format, such as a diving trip in the warm waters off Florida for safety workers who must sometimes do rescue diving.

Committed to volunteer work? If you want to make a trip to work an event benefiting a charitable organization, keep track of travel expenses. Hiring a sitter to cover in your absence? That’s deductible as well.Having a hobby that you employ toward volunteer work can also be claimed. A commitment to search and rescue groups on horseback qualifies for various equestrian expenses. can receive a stamp of approval from the IRS on such deductions if they are legitimate and done properly. At Barton CPA we are here to evaluate your situation and to help you consider the extremely wide reach of the U.S. Tax Code, such as items like these and more. We like to find the fun in taxes, sort of like a puzzle, to help you get the best bang for your buck! Contact us to see how we excel with our clients and what we can do to help you!

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