FOCUS: Landmark SCOTUS Decision on Sales Tax Collection Requirements

barton blog did you know womanAs we all slowly wave a sad goodbye to the lazy days of summer (with a smile - as we also say goodbye to the heat and humidity), and look towards getting our fall swagger on, we’d like to play a little game with you called “Did You Know?”  

Let’s play!!

Barton Blog JudgeDid you know that on June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling on the Wayfair Sales Tax Case, deciding that states can now impose sales tax on business’s sales, even if they don’t have a physical presence in said state? (say whaaa?)


Did you know that more babies are born in the month of September than any other month? Think about it…must’ve been a cold winter or an extra-fun New Year’s Eve party!  We’ll pause here while you do a little math...barton blog vintage cocktail party

Did you know that if you are a small business who ships products to other states, this sales tax ruling will directly affect you?

Did you know that - at this moment, in the infancy of this new ruling - out-of-state online sellers who do more than $100,000 in annual business in any state, or more than 200 transactions with that state’s residents, may have a tax collection responsibility?

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Did you know back-in-the-day - before fashion revolved around New York City and satisfying Miss Manners - wearing white after Labor Day was actually less about fashion and more about how white fabrics kept you cooler in the summer? Once the fall and winter weather kicked in, white clothing would be ruined by a puddle or a snow storm. And we can’t have our clothes ruined.

Did you know that we are always here to help keep you knowledgeable about the Wayfair ruling, and next steps for you and your business? Plus keep you updated on lots of other accounting and financial details, including the new 2018 Tax Laws.

Did you know we will 100% still wear white after Labor Day? We have no puddles or snowstorms, so…we’re doing it.barton blog b w woman w umbrella

For a business that uses a website to sell products that ship out of state, this information is not only important and relevant, it’s also something that is bound to affect your bottom line. There’s your fair warning. Now...enjoy the long weekend. Have an extra hamburger and margarita. Get some sun in your white bathing suit. Then let’s begin to tackle this new and challenging ruling together!

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